American Charterlines is a “one stop” charter and logistics provider. Combined, our team of knowledgeable professionals bring over 25+ years of experience in the transportation and logistics industry, giving you and your guests the peace of mind to sit back, relax, and enjoy your special event. We pride ourselves in providing a white glove concierge service to each and every last one of our clients, a service usually only provided in the limousine sector of transportation. 

Our professional sales specialists will guide you through every step of your process, starting with suggestions for the best vehicle for your event based on factors such as budget. We provide two ways to provide a “personalized” quote for your specific event, as we are very well aware that no two events are the same, nor should they be priced using an antiquated pricing method. You can call in for a live quote during normal business hours, speaking directly with one of our knowledgeable sales specialists, who will gather your specific trip details, and provide you with an instantaneous quote, which will also be professionally emailed to you, or if you catch us after normal business hours, simply fill out our trip details form, located here, providing your trip details, and not only will we provide you an emailed quote, we will also set up a time to further discuss your event details, answering any questions or concerns you might have, making sure we fully understand your specific needs for your event. Once you receive your emailed quote, you can make your reservation directly from your emailed quote form. Once your vehicle(s) have been confirmed by the depot manager, you will receive your confirmation email. From here, either your deposit (charter date is more than 30 days out), or full payment, (charter date is within 30 days) will be collected. You will than remain in direct contact with your original sales specialist during your remaining process, for possible itinerary changes, additional questions, etc.,  (and not “handed off” to multiple departments, or worse, being completely ignored once they have your money, losing your confidence in selecting that service provider), until your charter is completed. We will than follow up and ask you to complete a survey on the overall services we provided. 

Our entire staff are fully trained in DOT laws and regulations, making certain that your charter is both legal and safe. We can’t express enough how many other service providers “turn their heads” to the overall safety aspects of your charter, where you are surrounded by the people most loved and cherished in your life, we take this extremely seriously at American Charterlines. Our mission is to have you and your guests sit back, relax, and enjoy your time, leaving all the details, both big and small to our knowledgeable team of specialists. 

Over our 25+ years in the industry, the American Charterlines ownership has built up a hand picked network of affiliates who we continue vetting for documentation such as current DOT standing (this can change all the time), Certificate of Insurance (C.O.I.), making certain the affiliate has the proper insurance coverages in case of an accident, and both company and driver certifications (if required). Full fleet information and more, prior to every scheduled charter date. We work closely with our affiliates across the country daily, again, allowing you, our valued client the peace of mind, leaving these very important details most client’s never even think about, up to our professional safety team. All driver’s in our affiliate network are all DOT compliant, are randomly drug tested, follow all current CDC guidelines, and are professional in both appearance and friendliness.