Top 5 Reasons to Place Your Charter Bus Reservation Now!


With the calendar now turning to February, the time is now to both submit your quote requests and actually place your reservations, especially for charters with dates in March, April, May & June. If your charter date touches a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, it’s even more imperative to actually secure your transportation right away. This is not a cheesy sales pitch, as it might seem. Consumers who “drag their feet” to secure their transportation are often either paying premiums or even worse, dealing with the dreaded “Sorry, we are sold out”.... See below for the top 5 reasons it is in your best interest to place your upcoming reservation, as early as 6 months in advance.

#5: More Options- by shopping around early, secure the newest model vehicles with the preferred amenities in your vehicle.

#4: Peace of Mind - by placing your reservation early, you are locking in the best pricing on your vehicle of choice, and can place this process in the back mirror.

#3: Supply & Demand - with the COVID-19 pandemic decimating the charter/Limo industry over the course of two years, our industry has lost over 40% of its companies, vehicles, and even worse, drivers. This has led to the overall cost of chartering a vehicle anywhere from 25 to 50% higher than Pre-Covid prices. Low inventory + High demand is now where we are nationwide.

#2: Higher Pricing - very similar to the airline industry, the longer you wait to place your reservation, the higher you will pay. This is guaranteed.

#1: Sold Out - there is nothing more gut wrenching than waiting till the last minute, to find out that there are no more vehicles on your charter date. We have actually had customers cry & plead for us to secure them a vehicle, many times leading to exorbitant prices.