Family Reunions

Were you put in charge of the big family reunion or upcoming family vacation? If so, allow American Charterlines assist you in preparing your itinerary, keeping it DOT legal, safe, and getting your family ready for the vacation they all are in need of! Why either take separate cars, when a deluxe coach bus is the perfect way to keep your family all together, in a safe, climate controlled environment, all while enjoying even better comforts than an individual cars, airline or train. With plenty of underneath luggage space, no need to worry about packing that suitcase over the 50 pound limit for the flight. Chartering a vehicle will provide you with the space, comfort, and affordability factors, along with no middle seat! Another advantage to chartering a bus over flying is the vehicle is with you daily to provide local services for your planned itinerary, dinner stops, and touring. We will assist you every step of the way to plan out the best route options, scheduled stops, and more, to make sure your family are having a great time, while we handle all the logistics of your charter. American Charterlines brings families together on unforgettable reunions. Enjoy comfortable travel and cherished moments on our family-friendly buses.

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