Multi-day or Overnight

Going on a multi-day charter, choose American Charterlines as your one stop destination. Allow our professional sales specialists to assist you with all the planning from which vehicle to choose from, getting that itinerary figured out, making needed changes along the way, all the way to your departure day going off perfectly. Since these longer trips are more mileage priced than vehicle type, we will most likely recommend a deluxe coach bus, which offers the amenities required for a long over the road charter, such as, on-board restroom, climate control, plenty of underneath luggage space, and most importantly, a smooth & comfortable ride! What exactly is included and not included in the provided quote cost from American Charterlines:


  • Driver

  • Fuel costs (unless otherwise stated due to increased diesel fuel costs)

  • Tolls (if applicable)

  • Not Included:

  • Parking Fees: (if applicable)

  • Driver Gratuity: Should be based on overall services provided. We recommend at least a 10% tip, but entirely up to you!

Permits: (if applicable)

Driver(s) Room: If you are traveling on an overnight charter, you are responsible for providing room accommodations for your driver(s). Each driver must have their own room, and keep in mind that wherever you decide to make your reservation for your driver, that the vehicle(s) also need to be on-site with the driver(s) as well. Just a tip. If you mention to your hotel reservationist that you require accommodations for your driver(s), most hotel chains will either fully comp your driver(s) room, or discount it. You are not required to make your driver(s) accommodations at the same hotel as you and your guests, but if you do look elsewhere, keep in mind the following: if you are needing usage with the vehicle, especially in morning hours, you are going to want your driver and vehicle(s) nearby. Also, the driver accommodations must be within 5 miles of your hotel, and again must be able to also accommodate the vehicle(s) as well. You might also be required to place your driver in a room if you have chartered a vehicle for a long day trip, where there is an excess of 8 or more hours where the driver is not required. These situations are rare, but still happen from time to time. Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact your sales specialist, who will be more than happy to assist you further.

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